Orcs X is here!

iPhone 5.5 @2.6x 1080x1920.pngOur new Home, a solid Base for future Updates.
Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.
Nilo and Dave
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Orcs Update 8.195: Portal Transportation

+Crystal Mines: The Portals can now be used!
+Progression: Blue Crystal Craft-ables: Portal Wagon added A full Wagon of Crystals now upgrades the Laboratory.
+Crystal Laboratory Levels have their worth in Score.
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Orcs Update 8.17: Expanding

orcs update promo shot

+Sahara Archer Scout Mission 1 to 3 added (These are now required to build Scout Tower 2)
+Island 2: Second portal added
+Island 2: Crystal Laboratory can be build, no function yet
+Bug Fix: Boxes and Flappy Transport can not longer give less than 0k wood
+Tweak: Flappy Transport now shows the Left over Wood of Island 1
+Island 2: The Fishing lvl is now also added to Score
+Details and Tweaks
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Update 8.10: Step 1

Email Sign Up Orcs

+Preparation for Cloud/ Server Saving and Loading Game States (for step 2)

+Crystal Mines Quest 9 + 10 added (order changed quests now start at 0 not 1, new max. 12)
+New Golden Craft-able: The Crystal Key added
+Purple Craft: Fire Arrow: Successfully triggered Extra Arrows now will shoot a burning arrow that deals +100% more Damage than a normal arrow.
+Crystal Mines: Rusty Portal added, unlocked after quest +=6
+Privacy Policy Link in game added (login screen + more games pop up)
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