Orcs 7.82

Update 7.82: Bug fix 3/4

+Bug fix: Quests can no longer subtract your wood first and don’t start a quest.

This issue has been there since the beginning of the game and I finally have a solution for it!

+Old Human King HP +10%(+3 hp) increased

+Wood over time increased after level 40 by +50% to +120%

+Spooky Quest: Boss Tower mission appears after quest 35 now instead of 34

+Dangerous Mines now only becomes enterable after Quest 40+

+Crystal Cave: Shaman Price increased by 65%

+Survival Cooldown increased from 14 to 18 seconds

+Bug fix: Island Conquered Cutscene rotation was wrong

Orcs 7.81

Update 7.81: in-between update

+Dangerous Mines Quest 2+3 added

+Increased “Survival” Cooldown from 6 seconds to 14 seconds

+Survival Cooldown Timer added

+Quest 9 got harder, added 2-3 more cursed generals

+Quest 11 Doggy Boss HP increased by +40%

+Crystal Mines: Audio option to turn off/on music added

+Bug fix: Crystal attack auto fired sometimes

+Bug fix: Quest 6+7+10+11 had white flashing/blinking backgrounds which was not intended

Creepy was my strongest growing app

It came 1 year after Orcs and overtook it with downloads in is first year quickly, at-least on Google Play.
Even tough players stick less long as the game is shorter it isn’t less enjoyable.
I still love it and that means a lot.

375000 Installs via Google Play
2400 Installs via iTunes
932 Installs via Amazon

Thanks everyone for playing!

Cheers David!

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Amazon Appstore:


Orcs is still going its way

The Game Release of Orcs was back in Januar 2015
since than it had:

350000 Installs via Google Play

24400 Installs via iTunes

9570 Installs via Amazon

Thanks everyone for playing!

Cheers David!

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