The OST Soundtrack „Meat Wagon“ by Elijah Lucian in full lengh.



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Meat Wagon Soundtrack by Elijah Lucian – Download here:



We’re ship-wrecked on a stranded island, unknown and uncharted.

Orcs are frightened, we won’t survive if no one takes the lead…

Help us! Lead us! We will follow you to fortune and glory, and together we conquer this dangerous new territory!

Strength and Honor!


Orcs is based on the loved cookie clicker concept and extends it with fortress building and quests.


-Tap for Wood

-Upgrade your Axe and Orcs

-Build your Fortress

-Train your Warrior

-Send him on Quests to conquer

Pixel Mage Trailer

Game will go live in the next hours on android platforms.
The iOS Version will follow up in 2-4 days.

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„These Goblins broke into my house, stole my Bunny. They made a mistake..“
Jump into the role of the Pixel Mage and embark on a journey to save your Bunny.

+Retro Platform Gameplay without jumping
+Fly and cast Spells Core Mechanics
+12 Challenging Levels to beat

Can you finish the game?

3 months of work -almost done

Pixel Mage took me way longer than expected but finally is coming to an end.
I am really happy with how the levels play now.

Only a few final tweaks, where I play the game myself,over and over, to pixel nudge everything in place.

Also I will get Elijah Lucian once more for the character voices, together with his team he already took care of Voices in my previous games such as Orcs and Creepy.

The game will, as always appear for the google play App Store as well as for iOS and Amazon Devices.

I am sure if you liked creepy you will also like this one.

final floor pixal mage david zobrist in progress